Welcome to the Math/Stat Server

These pages re designed to support Math/Stat students UT Martin. The official departmental pages may be found on the UTM Web Server. Here we can playfully explore material before making it "permanent" on the other server.

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Proofs: departmental outlines, grading rubric. Project Rubrics: oral presentation or paper. Learning assessment: self or instructor.

Faculty Projects

Dr. Elliott's WeBWork; Dr. Caldwell's Prime Pages; Faculty and Student joint research. What should we add here?

Intranet Pages

These include the departmental wiki which supports our faculty and staff; as well as the syllabi editor for our departmental syllabi.

We'll Put Something Cool Here

I am excited to see what it might be--are you? (Suggestions?)

Going to Graduate School?

Start planing (and applying) early--talk to several of your professors about advice. Definitely consider differentiating yourself by attending one (or more) REUs (Research Experiences for Undergraduates) or doing undergraduate research with a faculty member. Look at the AMS for Students site for more specific information.

Looking for a career?

Mathematicians do far more than just teach! For information on math careers see the AMS Early Careers page, the MAA careers page, and Duke University's Why Major in Math?

Visit UT Martin's Career Center!

Need Help Citing Sources?

We have written a brief guide on how to cite sources in a mathematical article.

Websites to Know and Use!

A few of the many websites a mathematics student should know and use. You should belong to the first of these--majors should ask the chair about a free membership. Google Scholar and MathSciNet work better than simple internet searches for finding articles (and both can display appropriate references!)